Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wiccan Spells: Wiccan Spells and The Laws of The Wiccan Rede

The Wiccan Rede was created to express the moral code of the Wiccan religion whether casting Wiccan spells or not. There are certain rules of ethical and social responsibility that some, but not all, Wiccan practitioners abide by. These rules are not meant to hinder the expression of personal beliefs, but rather to guard against Wicca’s possible misuse. Remember, the ultimate goal when practicing the craft is to harmonize oneself with the wheel of life and the environment, not exploit it for evil purposes.

It’s important to note that the key purpose of the Wiccan rede is to communicate that it is acceptable to do as one wishes as long as no one, themselves included, is hurt in the process. This very much pertains to the casting of spells as well as other areas of one‘s life. Each spell cast must conform to the code of the Wiccan rede. To use magick to influence, control, or otherwise injure another is strictly forbidden; any bidding, positive or negative, will be returned threefold. John J. Coughlin, author and practitioner of the Occult Arts stated that " . . . there is a literal reward or punishment tied to one's actions, particularly when it comes to working magic”.

Even so, adhering to the standards specified in the Wiccan rede does not automatically make one perfect. Every living soul has made a mistake at one time or another. It is what makes us human. Just as there are people who are morally honest, there are those who are equally dishonest, and the Wiccan follower is not exempt. They are not immune to the same imperfections of human nature that affect us all.

Whether in the case of Wiccan spells or just everyday life, the concept of the Wiccan rede is pretty straightforward; be kind to yourself and others and the rest is easy, so to speak.

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