Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wiccan Spells: Wiccan Spells and The Wiccan’s Familiar

What role do familiars play in Wiccan spells? First allow me to explain what a familiar is. Familiars are mystical beings that can assume one physical form or another, or who remain in the non-physical (astral) form. They could manifest in the form of a cat, a dog or even a mouse, but bear in mind that not every familiar is a household pet and not every household pet is a familiar!

These beings, regardless of outward appearance, provide psychic guidance and companionship to the Wiccan practitioner during both spell casting and beyond. They are, however, more than just an instrument for Wiccan magic. The relationship between Wiccan and familiar is unlike any other. It‘s transcendental, telepathic, unbreakable. Just as dogs are considered man’s best friend, so can the familiar be viewed as Wiccan’s best friend.

Sadly, these poor creatures have gained a somewhat unfavorable reputation as being demonic, shapeshifting beasts spawned from hell and sent to wreak havoc upon mankind. For the few who embrace this distorted point of view, the line between fact and fiction is much too blurred. Such perspectives are based more on folklore than reality.

Overcoming a fear of the unknown isn’t easy, but being receptive to new and different ideas brings clarity of vision. Open minds need apply, Wiccan spells not required.

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Leah Cote

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