Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How Far Back Does Wicca And The Practice Of Wiccan Spells Go.

I was reading this article and I was surprised at what I found. Wicca and the practice of wiccan spells have been around since the dawn of time, or at least different variations of the religion. I knew that the belief in many gods were practiced by many, but I was surprised to see Adolf Hitler’s name while searching for information about Wicca, it seems that the more I search the more I’m amazed. I can’t believe the origin and the history behind it all. The swastika is used in many different cultures and religions, but because of Hitler would you really want to display it.

For a different view on the Swastika click on the link below.

“Wicca, along with the rebirth of such ancient nature religions such as Druidism, is at the forefront of the modern Green movement. According to Catherine Sanders, author of Wicca’s Charm”
"Since Wiccans essentially deify the earth, a key element of Wicca is having a positive impact on the environment. Wiccans have become active in environmental circles, and I discovered that many Wiccans had been spiritual seekers or were raised as Christians but felt that the Church had little to say about the care of the environment."

For the source of his article click on the link below.

Wicca and Witchcraft has gotten such a bad name through out history. Even in the modern world people who practice Wicca and wiccan spells are misunderstood. TV, books and magazines paint an evil picture of witchcraft and Wicca, Christianity didn’t help the cause either. To each their own as long as no one gets hurt, but that is not the case within the Witchcraft community. It has a violent history, the burning of witches is only one of the unspeakable acts that witches had to endure.

For some cool information and some cool wiccan spells click on the link below.

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Brian Cote

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calciumblue said...

Cool blog! Keep it up!!

Edward C. Foster said...

How many damn blogs do you have?


Anonymous said...

Actually wicca goes back about as far as the 1950s, sorry.

Anonymous said...

The modern religious movement known as wicca goes back a little farther than 1950. The ideal behind it though, the basic principles and beliefs, as well as spell casting and ritual pre-dates christianity. It's a modern movement that is reestablishing the oldest and most natural practices.