Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wiccan Spells: The Few Who Ruin It For The Many.

Many people believe in Wicca and love casting Wiccan spells, but there is always good and bad in everything. The few always ruin it for the many. I was reading a shocking, but not so surprising article about a couple who practiced Wicca. They’re being accused of using drugs and witchcraft to lure an underage teen girl into having sex. The couple also faces similar charges.

The reason I say shocking, but not so surprising is because if you look back at some of the top news stories within the past five years alone, you would be shocked! How many articles or news broadcasts are about priests molesting children, or teachers molesting children? Or about fathers, uncles and family friends molesting children? These individuals are all bad people, all of them from priests to family friends. There are no grey areas, but if a Wiccan is accused of this crime, it’s because of his wicked Wiccan ways and his evil Wiccan spells. If a priest is accused of this same crime, he’s misguided. Society makes the rules, not me.

This is a perfect example of the few who ruin it for the many. Wicca is a religion not an evil cult like many are lead to believe. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand, learn more about it before you pass judgment. Wiccan beliefs are incredible and fascinating. Wiccans are very peaceful, one with nature. What this couple did breaks the Wiccan laws, just like it breaks society’s laws. People who believe in Wicca and casting Wiccan spells aren’t evil; they are human as we all are.

For the original article click on the Link of Gloom below

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Brian Cote

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